Bout to turn up even more

Over the years, the Tigers' entrance onto the field has received some national notoriety, but things got taken to the next level on Saturday night when rap artist Chadroc took notice of our entrance versus West Forsyth (NC).

The story started with a tweet from Kyle from 757 Teamz who noted the Tiger Cage entrance as "THE best intro in football".  

The entrance song of choice for the game was "In The Building" by Chadroc Ft. Dudie, a song created for the Clemson Tigers. With a hook like "Them Tigers in the building", it was a natural fit to hype up the squad and the crowd and to create that jungle atmosphere.

Suddenly, Chadroc's phone was blowing up with messages that a high school team was using his song.

After watching the video, Chadroc himself was fired up.

Twitter worked its magic and before long Chadroc was chatting it up with players and fans.

Not content with just shouting out the squad, Chadroc is now making it his mission to visit the school for a game in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for the song, thanks for the love, and we'll be seeing you soon, Chadroc!